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16 February 2013 at 00:03:47 MST

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The above prices are for basic costumes, which I consider to be characters with 1-2 colors and no special markings/accessories (upgrade options detailed in the FAQ below).

Fursuit FAQ:

*Do you outsource materials? (EX: use resin or silicone parts other people have made)

No, I prefer that when people see my work they know I made the entire thing by myself.

*Can I buy unfinished items from you, like headbases or wing skeletons?

No, I no longer sell DIY items.

*What are the wait times like?

Usually anywhere from 2-6 months, depending on how complex your costume is and your spot in the lineup. If you have a deadline you can discuss it with me first.

*Can I send you fur/fabric to use? Will you buy the leftovers from me?

This is a case-by-case thing. I prefer to work with fabrics I can acquire more of for the purpose of making possible additional parts/repairs in the future. I have no use for leftovers scraps of rare fabrics since if I can't get more of them all they'll be used for stuffing duct tape dummies (so, not something I want to pay for). I may accept working with client-provided fabrics if you're trying to match an existing costume, mention it when you're asking for your quote and we'll talk about it!

*Do you really need a DTD? What about measurements?

I can work off measurements for simple things like arm or leg sleeves, but I absolutely need a dummy whenever a bodysuit and/or padding is involved.

*Do you offer payment plans?

My standard way of doing things is a payment plan, actually. I require a 30% non-refundable deposit to buy materials and secure your spot in my queue. When I am ready to start your costume I ask for a 40% payment, when that is paid I get to work. When the costume is done I ask for the remaining 30% and the shipping. Single-part orders (head-only, bodysuit-only) require payment in full up front, the shipping to be paid upon completion.

*Do you do trades?

Not at this time, sorry!

*What comes standard when I buy a costume?

-Head: Foam-based head that is fully lined with a balaclava, 1-2 colors, your choice of 2D (staring) or 3D (following) toony eyes, static jaw.

-Hands: wrist-length, claws in your choice of colors, 1-2 fur colors

-Tail: soft-filled with two belt loops, 1-2 fur colors

-Feet: built on a shoe, bottoms suitable for light outdoor use, 1-2 fur colors

-Bodysuit: tailored to be form-fitting, 1-2 fur colors

Additional upgrades avilable upon request:

Fleece or silicone pawpads, fursuit sandals, moving jaws, hair, resin-based heads, resin eyes, resin horns/beaks/claws, male/female padding, digitigrade padding, LEDs, muzzle fans, complex markings or additional colors, etc!

*Do you modify/repair costumes other people have made? Like, if I buy wings from you, will you alter my existing bodysuit to fit them?

No, I only work on costumes I've made myself. I will happily make wings for you, but it's up to you to make arrangements to make them fit your existing bodysuit! I recommend buying both wings and a bodysuit at the same time if you desire your wing's harness to be invisible, that way they match up properly. An alternative is wearing your wings on the outside (any costume can do this), they can be disguised with a backpack or leather harness.

Thanks to everyone, hope to hear from you soon :D

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