[Promo] A Summer Potion by Wolfaro

[Promo] A Summer Potion


5 August 2019 at 20:01:07 MDT

Lucky's Journal August 2019; Summer it's slowly getting away, but there are still some orders for potions awaiting to preparations. One of them it's the desire for me to build the perfect Final Summer Potions. I still don't have much idea of how visualize a perfect Summer potions, so i have threw some ideas there and here. The Fact that in my Natial Country, August it's know as the Month of the Felines i have prepared the potion with a mix of feline Ingredients in the hope to win the favor to who requested it. The problem is when an animal it's not just enough to call it a day. While here it's still Winter and the fog bathe the forest it's probably summer where the potion will be delivered. I have added a mix of Latex from "Rubber Tree" to add a bit of "Pooltoy" Factor on the drinks.

After a couple of hours to have the potion brewing i comes to the realization that the potion could be needed in a inland place, hence a Pooltoy wouldn't be the perfect situation of Summers, hence i added some mixed tritured blueberries to give the special flavour and effect of such fruits to the potions to be prepared.

My Friend Ryan have helped me to test the Potion, the income was the desirable, he have turned into a pooltoy Tiger with Blueberry smelling stripes, thought the effect of inflating could be shifted and changed.

I might look for different tries or ideas for future potions

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Greetings, Lucky~

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