Hurain and Furrow by WoadedFox

Hurain and Furrow


23 July 2014 at 05:28:13 MDT

"Don't cry" Furrow whispered "They will see" and Hurain swallowed her tears, taking another stroke to his side, the woad running thick.
"I will return" he said as they gazed deeply into one another's eyes. "Perhaps you will" the vixen replied "and perhaps you shall not, it is up to nature to decide."
She could bearly bring herself to continue, but others were waiting.

"You are death, the tool of war as cold as the sliver about my neck. Your enemies shall quake and be but dust before you. This is your flesh and this is your blood, may nature find you worthy as we do.
A victory awaits, but home shall wait also, make us proud and this will be your reward."

The words passed her lips like winter's frost, beaten with grief and Furrow held her as she trembled.
With a painful drone the bell rang, and from upon the old standing stones they chanted.
"Arise death bringer, and join your fate!".

So, Here is another one I did on PS.
Quite happy with this too, I did loads of streaming with this piece and it did take a lot of my time up but ah well.

Hope you like them, they are a very sad couple, unworthy of the tale that engulfs them both. :(
Might start writing this one down soon, but it's really depressing.

Anyway, I hope you like this one.
Matt :)

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