Art Trade: Bardou by Wishn

Art Trade: Bardou


30 July 2014 at 13:26:03 MDT

"Sealed away with Iron chains and walls of sulfur and clay a hound from the underworld rustles it's shackles restlessly. Disdain and malice in it black eyes could chill the soul. Enraged for being locked away it's anger built; waiting to blow. Blood red claws dig into the dirt boiling at it's feet cursing it. Thankfull it's locked away far from the living as it has for many century.
...Oh wait, never mind. :Y Who let Bardou out?
Who. Who who who-who!

Haha, I drew this very late in the night very late I feel dumb in the head. Could not think, tried to draw best I could. Bardou is not like evil evil but when I think of what he is I think situation as this.
Anywho! This is a trade I had done for auskie of Furaffinity in the exchange. =D I dunno what a badge is in truth so I hope this fits what one would be.

Coloring such dark color for a whole character was like how I had with Ryan Cat, so I had to throw colors in around it to give it better shape. Still have to make some light lines though, hope this is okay. =x

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