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Nobody's Real by Wiseman

Nobody's Real


25 May 2013 at 15:52:47 MDT

Nobody's real but they'll feel it tonight

Finally decided my markers and pens are drawing tools and not ancient relics which need to be used.

Here's Axl wearing a PVC type bodysuit like Wiseman's(Minus the suit's arm and leg width, which are switched out).

Why do I always color his eyes the opposite color than I intend? Last year I made the colors interchangeable, but I really wanted to make his left eye pink.

The scanner has properly screwed this one... The purple looks too blue and trying to fix that in PS went nowhere.

Also, a bit of the bottom and top are cropped.. the original is 9x12 and my scanner's max scan size is 81/211

I should have used my smooth bristol paper... ah well.

Canson Sketchbook paper, Prismacolor markers, Pigma Sensei pens, Uni-ball Signo white gel pen.

Okay wow that was a lot. Just look at it.

Axl and art are mine. Irkens/Tallest are from Invader Zim though, property of Viacom and Jhonen Vasquez.

If you don't like Invader Zim or whatever IDC keep your stupid comments in your pocket!

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