what if winter was grill: trashpanda edition by Winter-Madness

what if winter was grill: trashpanda edition


19 June 2017 at 20:56:17 MDT

So, full disclosure on that raccoon girl from earlier - she’s an altsona I’ve been thinking about making for a while. I’m gonna say her design is tentative for now because I’m most likely gonna refine as I go.

This is a tricky subject to approach for me so I’m gonna try and sum this up as best as I can: Physically, I’ve always been a dude and I’ve never felt out of place or uncomfortable in that. However, I think it's no big secret that while I'm comfortable being male, I'm not particularly attached to it either. It was never super important to me in the first place and I could honestly take it or leave it at this point.

I honestly "see” myself more easily as a girl and if I had been one from the start.....I think that’d be pretty swell.

It’s not something that particularly ails me, but it is something that I tend to think and even fantasize about because if I had had a choice in the matter....well yeah.

So, having an altsona based around this is probably the best and most fun way for me to channel that and express it. Plus, it gives me more cuties to draw and i mean

like come on

that’s a no brainer here

I’ve pretty much spent the last couple of weeks making a bunch of sketches of raccoon sona which I’ll post soon, so get ready for that~

Also don’t worry - Wintergoat won’t be going anywhere! My intention was to have him and raccoon sona coexist side by side from the beginning. Wintergoat will still be my main sona, and they both are meant to represent different sides of me anyway so yeah

Raccoon sona still needs a name though. Hm. :T

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