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Ivalician Times - Indecision (Ignacio) by WindTide

Ivalician Times - Indecision (Ignacio)


"Heal or attack? When I cannot decide, my disposition is such that I wait instead!"

— Patrick, a soldier from Ivalice

This was the second piece I had ordered along with Gavvar from the Brown Hat when he was offering these commissions. I am very glad that he took another order from me alongside Gavvar's for these nifty headshots, as I adorethe ascetic that the man has drawn. It is a fancy to imagine that my characters would be in a FFT game, but then again that would be a fanciful wish at this point. Nevertheless Ignacio is ready to enter the fray of Ivalice!

Ignacio de la Rosa del Marqués ©

WindTide WindTide

Art ©

The Brown Hat

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