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Another Day at Poseidon's Gallery (Izel) by WindTide

Another Day at Poseidon's Gallery (Izel)


Izel had a lot on his hands, and not a lot of time to manage all the chaos in the store. It seemed that the animals inside their aquariums had run amok and just before the store was supposed to open! None of the crustacean's employees were here to assist with the store opening, so the crab was left to himself to fend off the animals and put them back where they belonged! Even with having an extra pair of hands and pincers to help him, the crab was in a hurry to get everything back into place!

It was barely ten minutes, and Izel already was thrown off balance! An octopus and starfish managed to get a hold of his left foot, while various anemones managed to anchor onto his exoskeleton. One of his hand was trying to juggle a glass bowl with a very worried goldfish inside, the store owner doing his best trying to handle all the animals that seemed to have escaped from their tanks. Somehow the crab managed to get the store reorganized before anyone else showed up, though Izel had his share of excitement for one day!

Requiem Beatz finally opened up for water color commissions after the longest time of waiting, though I had no doubts that he was up to the task of delivering high quality work! I am excited to have pushed the limits of Beatz to try his hand on such a colorful character, and I hope that everyone feels the same way after they see such a wonderful illustration!

Izel Yaotl ©

WindTide WindTide

Art ©

requiembeatz requiembeatz

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