Cruisin' Downtown Santa Monica (James, Logan, and Mendo) by WindTide

Cruisin' Downtown Santa Monica (James, Logan, and Mendo)


30 December 2017 at 02:56:24 MST

Poor James doesn't get much of a break! It seemed that a certain Sea Lion and another giraffe had a bit of beef with one of the store manager's friend. Of course the only way they could settle their differences was getting some snow cones to cool off during the summer heat. Seems like James is going to be stuck between Mendo and Logan while they chill out with their new friend...

So after a rather crappy experience in one of BGN's streams, I found out shortly that he made some gift art featuring my character in a slice of life snapshot with his crew. It helped me cheer up seeing such a scene made on the spot, and I only wish I didn't have to trouble Vince with a sour mood. I appreciate the gesture all the same, and happily post this picture as a fond memory.

James "Jiggy" Sawsbury Β©

WindTide WindTide

Art, Logan, and Mendo Β©

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