p. Will I make it through the night by Whitephoxx

p. Will I make it through the night


11 March 2014 at 10:35:13 MDT

Will tomorrow ever come? *
*Will I make it through the night.

Will there ever be a place for the broken in the light?

If anyone has heard the song, they will understand why this
is so freakishly conflicting with the picture.

Swarms of just straight mess right now.
Just...ugh. Just keep circling in a dark eternity with my hate.
I just want to wake up.

Art & OC's: ME

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    Yea.. Real cute.. Hope you and this guy are happy.. Don't get pregnant.. Or do.. Your life..

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      1- you made an acct just to leave a hateful comment to me. That is sad. Real Sad.
      2- Clearly says, both OCs belong to me.
      3- To get pregnant, you have to have sex...I don't. And for someone who knows getting pregnant could kill me...thanks...you're heartless and cruel. And don't know how to stop bullying me.

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    This is really cute Aunty, I love it. ^^ And if anyone has a problem with her art. They will have to go through me first. And to the comment above, please leave her alone.

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      I love you. Thank you for being there for me and supporting me through this. So many people think I am crazy.
      And I am tired of having myself made out to be a bad person just because I can't do everything that everyone asks of me.

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        I love you Aunty, you are most welcome. I will support you forever. You don't need this. You are a wonderful person and a heart of gold. You are not a bad person. People need to stop judging the cover and just read to get to know the person inside and out before jumping to conclusions.