Snake & Charmer by WhiteMantis

Snake & Charmer


22 January 2015 at 16:45:12 MST

A little quick pic I did to try some new stuff. :3
Nae and   Amethystine as the poor little snake charmer and the charmed snake, for this pic:

The auction is still going on, and ends tonight! So if you want to bid, this is the right time! ^_^

Thank you for looking!

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    Aw her facial expression is cute - sweet but cautious.

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    What lovely colors! :3 such a handsome snakey and pretty buggy. n.n

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    As always it's an amazing work, they're adorable. :)

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    This is just beyond awesome!

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    She keeps him at bay in the eyes of the public.
    Surely it's to keep him from biting or clawing at her.
    Surely the beast would harm her if she did not constantly tame him, charm him,
    mesmerize him with her song and her dance.
    If you look beyond a glance,
    there are subtle marks upon her body,
    signs that she has not always been as flawless as the show.
    She hides them well, the scars of her profession.

    But behind closed doors, or within their camp,
    he manages to get closer than close
    she cannot stop the beast's advance
    which has been suppressed all day long
    by her dance and by her song
    His feral appetite unfurls
    his claws and fangs do land upon her
    and she has to feed him

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