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Blade Under Mask: Character Lineup by WhiteMantis

Blade Under Mask: Character Lineup


Download for a bigger size!

Here's the lineup with the characters from Blade Under Mask. Not all, of course, but the main and semi-main, as well as some support characters!

I will post them individually and with a description later! One per day!


Asazaki Nae is a young orchid mantis maiko, an apprentice geisha, living her daily routine in the Asazaki teahouse alongside her adoptive family: Asami, her strict mother, and Tetsuo, her protective older brother.

Her calm life turns upside down when she starts seeing horrendous, inexplicable figures that she and only she can see, just a few days before the ceremony that will mark her transition from maiko to full geisha. Doubting her own grip on reality and afraid to seek help for fear of accusations of insanity that could ruin her future as a geisha, she starts sinking into her own mind. Between hallucinations and etiquette, Nae tries to keep sober on her feet and succeed in the trials to become a geisha, as the world outside slowly becomes unrecognizable.


Art & Characters (c) me, from Blade Under Mask

  • As much as I take inspiration from and base my work on real Japanese culture and geisha world, this story is not meant to be 100% accurate. Some cultural aspects are modified or removed to the fit the story, characters and the world better. Do NOT take this as a reliable source of information, as it is made with entertainment purposes only. If you need to research or want to learn more about Japanese culture or geisha world, please look for real informative sources, such as books. If you have any question, feel free to ask me, I'll answer if I can.


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    !!!!!!! yeeeeeheeeheeeeheeeee! I can +fav this here toooooo! XD~ seriously hun, can't even BEGIN to tell you how amazing and inspiring this chart is... the characters look SO alive.

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      Thank you so much dear ;w;