Blade Under Mask - 50 by WhiteMantis

Blade Under Mask - 50


27 August 2016 at 20:14:44 MDT

And this is our 50th page, a milestone! Almost 1/3 of the first volume! :D Onwards the 100th page now!

Thank you very much for following, liking and sharing the comic. You really help us like that and we're glad you're enjoying our work!

Also please take a moment to appreciate Miyo making Saya-- err Soujirou uncomfortable!


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    I love all the different designs!! also the fact that the cute guy is a scorpion! Now I will try to save all the scorpions that get into my house...

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      The scorpion is a girl masquerading as a boy XD

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        well... she got me lol My statement stands

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    Well, isnt Miyo making it hard to "Soujirou", lol. Man, this is some great stuff, tons of personality on the characters and lovely details all around. Lovely expressions as well, this page is one of my favorites. Ah, Old Lady, why do you give "Soujirou" ideas, lol. Amazing stuff, keep it up.

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    Oh, shit.

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    Shanenigans incoming :-)

    Small question: How much is 90 gold coins worth?

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    Is she in over her head? We shall see.

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    The expressions on this page are so stellar! Nae's too polite to be actually grumpy face, Miyo's flirt face, and everything Sayaka is doing ^_^