The Lost Empire [ Atlantis ] ; [ Viiraa ] by whimsical_sage

The Lost Empire [ Atlantis ] ; [ Viiraa ]


15 August 2014 at 09:27:30 MDT

Actually this is probably her most exposing outfit! Mostly because of the whole . . . feet thing she has going on ; Atlantis was always one of my favorite Disney movies that I felt really didn't get any love, so I thought - why not go Atlantean -- Not to be confused /with/ Atlantica. So, we get our heroine dolled up in clothing that looks proper on a denizen of Atlantis. She even has one of those neat crystals! Though, the lack of white hair could be explained as the whole . . . not being an Atlantean thing.

Really awkward. Well and truly.

Presumably her little misadventure on this world would involve assisting Kida in discovering the secrets of Atlantis with Milo! Something about sifting and learning a new language entirely, as well as discovering just what makes this world tic, seems entirely appealing to me. Almost too appealing, really-

Actually I had no idea what we were doing here, I just vaguely recall telling Viiraa that it would probably be for the best if Suihei had something practical, while representing the world in a way. So, we decided to go with making her outfit Atlantean for reasons that fall along the lines oooooof - "Wow those crystals are really great and Cyan is an awesome color."

Suihei ©   whimsicalsage whimsicalsage
Artwork © Viiraa