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woostlund by wendigoflesh



11 March 2014 at 11:40:11 MDT

i actually did it. i did a thing that isn't my ocs standing around.
I had to resize this because it was too big to be uploaded AAHAHA.
An environment thing for some original world project place. Central wasteland

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    Oh wow! Keep going, man. Have you looked into atmospheric perspective? It's a great way of making depth evident.

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      I haven't looked into it at all I don't think. ;o; But I will, thanks for the pointer! I might edit this one a bit later to try and get some more depth into it aha. And maybe something more in the middle. To me it seems slightly empty? I'm not sure.

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    Dude that's fuckign GREAT
    Like, everything look so right, and the way you sized it, it looks like it came from a movie wow
    Badass. The atmosphere works really neat.

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      Ahhh man, I'm glad you like it! ;o; Spent a lil while getting confused over the colours and whether I should add more of the city ahah.

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        I think it looks good! The whole pic reminds me a little of Fallout 3 (i'm playing Fallout 3 again can you tell)

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          THE WORLD THIS PIECE IS BASED IN WAS P INSPIRED BY FALLOUT. and other post-apoc games ahah. I have 3 and new vegas but again with my laptop not being able to handle it long enough for me to properly play. ;;

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            DUDE Thats why I play on xbox, but I understand the deal, my comp gets mad when I try to play STALKER its like "PSHHHHT DONT YOU DARE IM CRASHING"

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              I would if my hands didn't instantly disagree with every console controller ever. For some reason I'm only comfortable with keyboard and mouse aha.