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Terezi Pyrope weasel by weazul

Terezi Pyrope weasel


made with a slightly edited version of this lineart

CC information for the lineart part of this can be found on that page

I finished my last mustelid lineart project and decided I'd make a weasel version of Terezi from Homestuck. I'll readily admit I'm a fan of it, even if it isn't one of my major fandoms. I completely adore Terezi from it, being a vision -> scent synesthete, and while my synesthesia has been a big part of who I am it was, thanks to some reactions to stuff I said when little regarding it, something I was somewhat ashamed to admit to. some interactions with the Homestuck fandom, and the fact an awesome character like Terezi exists, has actually made me feel like it's something I can be proud of.

so, Homestuck, Homestuck fandom, LOTS OF LOVE. YOU GUYS ROCK! I swear, if it hadn't been for some of you guys out there and Terezi for having been created so I could draw parallels to her (as I smell colors, am a Libra, and use a cane) I'd still be trying to hide my synesthesia.

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    Another homestuck? Hello! :)

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      hello there~ always nice to meet a fellow fan. as I said, it's not one of my top fandoms (right now Blue Exorcist is actually my top fandom), but it is a series I do like and had a big impact on me. but then I've been involved with so many fandoms over the years my top fandom list does shift around quite a bit.

      I hope to try actually drawing Terezi (and maybe some of the other trolls as well, since my three nieces all have their favorites) as a troll once I get my tablet so I will have more Homestuck fanart here eventually.

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        Homestuck is currently my top fandom, but it wasn't my top fandom at first. After some time it grew onto me and I've made many friends because of it. A lot of the fans are very nice and welcoming so it's a nice experience being in this fandom.