Paizuriel by wckdart



19 October 2014 at 12:09:43 MDT

As a shared community OC you can do what you want with Paizuriel. Draw her as one of your OCs, write her doing whatever you want, etc. Make her YOUR canon - it’s all good!

Let me give you the rundown on her so far;

Name: Paizuriel
Race: Devil
Age: Ancient
Height: 4”8”
Weight: Surprisingly Light

Domain: Paizuriel is a fairly new Devil, having domain over a number of annoyances that modern knowledgeably has brought us. This includes (but is not limited to) lag, frequent disconnects, bad RNGs, and message board fights - among other things.

Weakness: Paizuriel will lose power rapidly if hugged in a affectionate and/or adorable manner. Kisses will block out the most harmful of her demonic spells for up to 24 hours. A combination of both hugs and kisses will leave Paizuriel rather frustrated, but also weak.

Other Powers: Paizuriel has the ability to modify her body at will (to a moderate degree) She can extend the chitinous plates and spines - similar to the ones on her tail and horns - to the rest of her body. She takes to making chitinous thigh high boots for “both elegance and deadliness” as she puts it. Paizuriel can also sprout extra limbs as needed for assistance with manual tasks.She can also detatch her tail at will, for use as a weapon - or perhaps just to be able to sit down comfortably (?).

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