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My fursona! by Watermelon Slushie

My fursona!

Watermelon Slushie

U-Um hi there!! This is my first submission, and and like. I'm really excited to be here! And I'm really happy to be following my favorite artist again and seeing her work! I wonder who else I could discover? ;u; Hehe...

E-either way... um...

I'm not too happy with how this worked out...

But I'm hoping that it'll suffice for a first picture ^u^

I think its a little obvious... that I look up to a certain artist... >u< I hope that's okay that I kinda learned how to use the same things as they did.

Of course they're my biggest inspiration...! ;u;

Um um though, this is Wendleton! He's a deer and he doesn't wear pants cause those are for losers! ^u^

Maturing because he likes smokin'~ >w> Although he'd rather just eat the leaves >w<

He's a bit of a silly hippie too cause he doesn't ever notice twigs and stuff stuck in his dreads or his horns. :)

He's also probably going to be either pinkish or silver? I'm not sure yet! Colors are hard and I haven't actually drawn anything on paper with color for him. It's all sketches ^u^
... >w< Yep yep!!

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