Tasty Hills by Waces

Tasty Hills

By: Waces Ferpit

The wind quickly passed by the windows of the bus, riding across the highway and
the grassy landscape. Looking outside there was Jake, an young orange-ish nerdy
but somewhat athletic dingo, excited about his new home, moving with just some
little luggage and his laptop. It was only four months ago that he got accepted
to live for very cheap on the new condo being built, with the most interesting
part really being that it was being sponsored by an unpopular brand of
industrial foods that would also be providing their products for incredible deals
to the residents. It seemed like real luck for Jake as he was for months looking
into moving out of his parent's home and to getting a job, something that would
seem easier with the new commerce starting to pop up around the region, his life
surely looked like to bring him a great future.

Around an hour or so passed before the dingo could finally get off the bus,
slightly tired after the 60 kilometre journey, stepping just in front of the
entrance of the condo and putting off his luggage. The place looked quite fancy,
not for a cheap place but real fancy with dark green grassy walls and a gate
that spoke security and charm, inside the booth there sit the watcher, a grey
wolf with an uniform. After taking his time to appreciate the view, Jake walked
towards the booth and spoke to the guard.

"Good morning sir", said Jake in a polite cheerful way.

"Good morning for you, welcome to Tasty Hill Sr. ", the guard responded in an
equally cheerful way, not loosing his professionalism, then awaiting for the

"Howard, Jake Howard, I'm moving here".

"Sure, several people have been finally getting here after many months of
waiting, you still quite lucky as not many were actually selected. In any case,
welcome, we here hope you'll quickly feel at home. If there's anything I could
help", the wolf pushed a button and quickly the gate glided open for Jake.

"There's no need to, thanks, in any case I think I can take care of myself", the
dingo got again his luggage and entered, "and again, have a nice day".

It took him 20 minutes, constantly looking at his papers and the signs, but he
finally made to what he would finally call his new home. It was a medium-small
modern looking white house with a grassy green front yard and small trees as
decoration with a big path leading to the large dark wooden door. Upon entering,
using his key that he got earlier that month on mail, he could finally see the
clean modern furnished interior, a living room with a large armchair, the
kitchen with a large fridge and a multitude of drawers and doors, and a strange
looking pipe that he would look for later, on the second floor, the two bedrooms
and the second bathroom. It sure was an incredible home for being so cheap. But
now right after quite the journey it would seem hard not wanting to flop on his new bed
and snooze for some time, though not after finally reading the letter he
received that asked to be open when he got there.

The dingo opened the letter and read.

"If you are reading this, congratulations for being chosen by our random selection, you
are now in your new home at Tasty Hill. We are pleasured to give you a big deal
on living in a good house, with amazing surroundings, and finally but
not less important: With our sponsorship with a local company, you'll have here
stores selling their products for incredible deals, so you never feel like you
can't simply completely fill your refrigerator!

In a note, if you already wandered around, you may have noticed two pairs of
pipes around the house. There's nothing to worry, it's simply a feature that
we'll be glad to announce the opening soon, in the meantime just ignore them and
read the information about it on the guide book in the cabinet under the

Enjoy your new home with us."

About a week has passed, Jake finally got hired to work at the new local
hardware store as the salesperson, being this the 3 day of his job, it was
fine for him for now as there wasn't much movement so he could simply sit
there and look the cars passing on the street, play videogames or chat with
his co-workers. At home he started to get more used to being alone, and actually
liking how he now could do whatever he wanted, was a bit scary during the night
as he was still a little of a coward but nothing that just keeping all the
lights on all the time couldn't solve, tough with all the excitement about
moving and getting a job, with his now having a job that requires time, he has
put his exercises on hold for these days.

He was walking back home from the store, just a few meters more until his
residence, when he saw a blue figure walking towards the door do the house next.

"Good afternoon!" the person said to Jake.

He looked better at the figure, it was a young looking chubby blue bird,
standing there holding a key in one hand.

"Afternoon, I don't remember seeing you around here" the dingo replied in a
joking way.

"Haha sure, I've moved here today morning, was walking around to see the
place, I'm Damian" the bird said casually.

"Nice, nice, I live just there" he pointed at his house, "looks like we'll be
neighbours. By the way, I'm Jake"

"Alright, Jake, hope I can get to see you sometime later, right now I'm quite
tired and hungry."

"See ya then, anything I'm here next door."

Jake finally got home, not really tired but eager to get comfy. He still
couldn't not notice how at the way back there were a couple of leaflets
on everyone's door, looking at them just seeming like advertisement for the store
there, a bit idiot but not unexpected way of advertisement, he thought. The
dingo felt kinda hungry, not expected after not doing much work, but from the
boredom and annoyance it was today after all the noise from the construction
that was going by the store it may be fair.

He went to the kitchen and grabbed some mint cookies, they weren't exactly his
go to snack as he wasn't much of the sweets guy and they were there from the
start, but he just felt in the mood for some today. After one bite of the sugary
cookie the dingo didn't get much impressed by the taste of artificial dough,
they still looked quite good inviting him for one more bite, and maybe one more
cookie or two. Without noticing he finished the whole package, a bit of a
surprise for him, but nothing that he would care much, principally with the
thirst he felt after such good cookies, with that he searched the refrigerator
and found a 1 litre bottle of orange juice, without much thought he filled a
cup with some of it then drank it, being slightly amazed by the sweet rich
flavour, filling the cup more until there was about one cup left in the bottle.
He felt quite impressed by how much he drank, then letting out a burp and
putting the bottle back in the fridge.

Jake found himself at Damian's door, after the chit-chat they had for these
days when finding each other on the streets the dingo accepted his invite for
some games after work as they both were interested in that - and also totally
not because Jake couldn't keep himself away from showing his Mario Kart skills.
Getting to know Damian he was a cool guy, the nerdy type, not much unlike Jake
and gets to work at home from his computer for now until the offices for the
company he applied for were done.

He was met by the blue bird on all his good mood and chubby face.

"Hey, Jake, I'm glad you're here" Damian said.

"Hey, ye, having some fun time after work seemed like a good idea" Jake replied
in a snarky way.

"Get it, I was just waiting" he said opening more the door and stepping to the

"Sure" the dingo then walked trough the door.

Getting in, the dingo saw the interior, that was pretty much like his, except
for the shelves populated by a few books, games and a Switch, and that looking
trough the kitchen doorway he couldn't not notice some of the open bags over the

"Looking fine, eh, I don't really do much here besides playing, you should not
see my room at all on the other hand" the bird said with some giggles, "alright,
feel free to sit down and choose some game while I bring the snacks."

Jake gazed at the games for a second and then noticing the box for 'Mario Kart 8
Deluxe', it seemed to call out for him as he was really crazy about Mario Kart
when he had a Wii but when he had the chance to get a Wii U was when he noticed
it was not a worthy buy. He grabbed the box and opened to get the cartridge,
just to see it was not there, looking at the TV screen that just now he noticed
was on, he saw the Switch menu with the picture for the game just sitting there
waiting to be opened. He sat on the couch, just in time for Damian to be back
with a large bowl of snacks and a bottle of soda.

"Hey, here are some snacks for the night, decided on what to play?" said Damian.

"Yes, yes! Mario Kart, I'm super fan of it" the dingo replied pointing at the

"Oh, good one, I like it quite a bit but am not that good at it."

"Okay, haha, then be warned that I get very competitive."

"Alright, alright." Damian said, opening the game and giving Jake the red

The two played many races, of 3 cups, with Jake almost always taking the lead
with a feeling of superiority and aggressively annoyed when passed, Damian
seemed like he couldn't do much to try taking a lead - principally from Jake -
and didn't get that much to the front constantly being in 4th or 5th, but the
two still were having fun. The gaming wasn't without snacking, with both
devouring handfuls of salty snacks and drinking a cup of soda between races,
with Damian consuming more from the start, but Jake catching up after each
round, until there wasn't anything more just by the end of the last race.

"Don't try messing with the king of MK!" Jake shouted in excited, being the
winner of all cups.

"Man, you're good" Said Damian in appreciation and surprise.

"Yup! That's what years of shaking Wiimotes give you."

"Makes sense, I guess."

"Well, if someday you want to get lessons from the master, you know where to
find him."

"Alright, anyway, this was a good time, was really fun having you around and all."

"Sure, I feel the same. Right now is getting quite late, so~"

"Yes, okay, for me too. So, some other day next week?"

"Sounds good!"

The dingo stood up and went to the door, not before saying good bye again to
Damian, then walking back home, in the night with the lamps showing the
sidewalk, at what seemed like 11 p.m. or so. Getting home, after the short walk, the
dingo went straight to the kitchen, wanting to get something to eat, surprising
after all the snacks he had this evening, but still, he was hungry for some

It was 5:30 on the morning when Jake's phone sounded the alarm, making the orange
canine jump out of his bed, he was used to it, but after a night like that he
got into a deeper sleep than what he normally gets. Just another day of work it
was, like the many before, he put on his shirt then proceeding to
put on his pants, that for his surprise felt somewhat harder to pull and quite
tighter on his sides.

Going down the street he now usually passes trough when going to work, it was
hard to not notice an unusual pole with a box right on the corner of the
side walk, one that was very colourful and attention grabbing, calling the dingo
towards it, getting close, the light green text read a short message:

"Free Samples!
As another gift for this community, we have placed a box containing free samples
on every other intersection, these boxes will be refilled every week, so if you ever
feel like having a little snack while walking around, feel free to take one.

Signed, Tasty Hills administration"

Quite an interesting gift, Jake thought, never saw something like this, but it
still was a nice thing anyway, and one chocolate bar wouldn't hurt.

It wasn't long until the dingo passed by the gate, greeting the guard as usual,
that at the moment seemed to be more focused on adjusting his uniform.

The weekend was around the corner, Jake thought to himself as he was on the
corner right before the gates, finally he could find himself some more time for
lazing around, or maybe start working out again as he couldn't help but notice
how he now felt somewhat bigger than normal as it was now starting to get
hard fitting into his jeans, this thought was thrown into the back of his
mind as he complimented the guard.

"Morning Aaron", said Jake, that just some days ago noticed the wolf's name
written on his badge while looking looking at his clothing that certainly
started to also look tighter on him.

"Morning, Sr. Howard", the grey fur replied on his pleasant manner.

Looking at his friendly face, Jake was quick to notice how the wolf that is
normally sleek with angular looks now sported a visible pair of chubbier cheeks.

Finally getting to his street after work, passing by the free sample box that he never
minded taking a piece or two each day, Jake encountered Damian, carrying a
couple of bags right into his home.

"Sup!" shouted the canine to his friend, that then replied with his short but
welcoming 'afternoon'.

This day though, it was not hard to see how his friend got somewhat bigger than the
already chubby bird Jake knows, not something he wanted to admit but it wasn't
impressive considering the bags he was carrying right now, but it's not like the
dingo would mind it much or comment at all on this, one thing he could agree at
least it that Damian didn't look bad.

As he opened his mailbox, the dingo saw a light-green folded piece of paper,
getting anyone to guess it was from the condo administration, it was a surprise
to see it thought not a bad one.

"We're glad to announce that after a long work now the upcoming feature is
finally open to our dear residents, the 'Resident Taste Access'.

The pairs of pipes you noticed around your home will from right now let you
dispense sweet or salty dough made from our special recipe whenever you want at
no extra charge, so if you ever feel like making a snack for yourself, just
dispense a bit from the hose connected and enjoy.

1. Open the valve for the taste you want from its pipe (white label for
sweet and brown for salty)
2. Bring the hose connected to wherever you need it
3. Push the button at the tip of the hose to start dispensing the tasty

Signed, Tasty Hills administration."

Well, this was interesting for Jake, this is something he has never heard of
didn't really know what to think about, still, that didn't sound like a bad
surprise, who would mind having free food at home. The dingo proceeded to the
rest of his daily routine, still with the thought of the announcement in his
head, thinking of what he would do with it.

14:45, Damian was at Jake's home, waiting the dingo to get back from his room
for the afternoon they had planned, the bird had brought some salty snacks while
Jake made some tasty sweets from what little cooking skills he had, that even
then would be pretty good using the dough he basically had for free. The dingo
went down the stairs, wearing his new shirt, looking again at the big bird that
took almost the entirety of his front door.

"You got the good stuff?"

"Why wouldn't I?" The dingo replied, showing his VHS tapes he got at a thrift
shop, most had marks saying "Airwolf" and other 80's shows.

"And how are we gonna watch-"

"I'm already one step ahead", the dingo pointed to the VHS player and the messy
cables and conversors to try making it work with an HD TV.

"Then, what are we waiting for?"

"Pretty much nothing"

They jumped on the couch and proceeded to watch the old show and all its 80's
totally not unimpressive special effects and sounds. Of course, they didn't forget
the food, every minute munching on some snacks, that were surely good. All the
time Jake was trying to compete with the bird on who would eat more before the
end, actually without the bird knowing but still managing to be quite a
challenger, and it was also a good excuse for the hunger he felt almost all the
way just by looking at the snacks, being too concentrated on the show and the
snacks to notice himself growing at a pace from the dough, that was never told to
be low on calories but was not as low as someone might normally think.

Almost 2 hours and four episodes later, they where now just rambling about the
show and munching on the last snacks.

"Those explosion sounds are totally my shit" said Damian.

"Yes, not as 'in your face' than the gun sounds though"

"True. So, same time last week?"

"You can be sure about that!"

"Good, see you then, big guy"

The two then decided to go on their ways, Damian helping Jake clean the living
room, or at least make it look less messy, and then leaving - not without
feeling the sides of the door. The Dingo said his good bye and then went to get
the stuff back into his room, his shirt now seemingly feeling tight on his
body, one that since they started watching has been slowly growing, now to the
point one could say he was as big, if not bigger, as his avian friend when they first

It was the second time working on his shift that the canine noticed how his
uniform surely was getting small on him, visibly by the lower part of his
belly that was starting to show up under the shirt over the rounded middle. He
expected to not be as he was when he worked out, but didn't think it would
be this much, as a snack here or there didn't seem to hurt, not even his meals
that every other time would also be followed by some sweets. Maybe now would
seem like a good time to start working out again, and next week sounded fine.

Weekend, finally, Jake thought as he got into the living room, ready to grab
some snacks and watch whatever new series was hot now, an idea that got cut
short when he saw how his fridge was almost empty, something that he could have
seen with the middle of the week 'old series nights' he started having, and
right after one of the busiest days so far going to the store to get something
felt like a tiresome idea. It was when he looked around to grab his phone, that
he look at the two pipes by the wall, and that have him an idea he wasn't sure
could work. He sat down on the couch and turned on the TV right to the first
thing on his Netflix recommendations, holding the hose connected to the pipes on
one hand, with a bowl on his lap and a spoon by his side.

21:11, right right when the mid-season episode ended, a good time to stop his
binge-watching of some show that he probably would care that much to continue.
The bowl covered in the dough - that even when not baked into something tasted
really good - it was filled and refilled from time to time, not
that the dingo wouldn't from time to time prefer to just have the tip of the
hose sending the sweet stuff right into his mouth, not something he would be
actively thinking about, but that felt fine when handling the spool would seem
to compete to his attention to the more active scenes on the show. He went into
getting the things right on their place, feeling tired to the point of feeling
heavier than the usual, or maybe it was for the same reason his shirt could
barely cover the lower half of his guts; And even if he felt that, he was sure
the next week with some workout would take care of the 'issue', one that didn't
really seem to bother him, as he always seemed to end up somewhat happier after
stuffing his face or just a better mood when being around Damian.

Once the sun came up, Jake was already up as he usually does, just finishing
putting his clothes on and going to get his breakfast, or this was what he would
do, if he wasn't struggling to fit into his jeans, ones that he knew were the
right size - or at least weren't as tight as now - but this was on last week
Friday, before he went on going almost the whole weekend snacking on the dough.
But now it's finally Monday and he would finally go on his workout routine every
(other?) afternoon. After putting his clothes - that pressed so much against his
now well pronounced gut, one that would speak 20 or more kilos than the usual
for someone like him - he went down to his breakfast, that since he didn't went
shopping would consist mostly of leftover snacks from his goings into Damian and
some more dough.

Walking around sure felt more tiresome than usual, and he was just a few meters
from the gate, but it may already be a good start for his exercise, maybe.
Walking around the neighborhood is when he noticed something, not that he'd care
much about looking into other people's lives, but he really could think
something was different around the people there, maybe it was the two
neighbours that had to squeeze trough their front doors, or some passerby that
had their shirts stretched over a rump, it could have been confirmation bias or
something, but it surely seemed different than he might have thought on his

It surely was noticed, though, when he passed the entrance, as his sight of Aaron
finally clicked, the wolf was bigger and rounded, compared to his memory mostly of
him from the first day, one that maybe has been ignored as most sights only were
a slight glance and a good morning, but now it was clearer to see an overweight
wolf that has been munching on donuts for quite a time everyday.

His co-workers were kinda surprised to see coming a rounded dingo come almost 10
minutes after the expected time, not a huge difference but a noticeable one. Not
that Jake was the only one to get that attention, as were some of the other
employees, that even if not late still sported a rounder frame than ever -
generally the ones that also lived on the same condo, but it wasn't something
one would bother checking.

Once at home, it felt like a good idea to finally start his exercises, and right
when he had to go buy groceries, taking a longer path with more deviations would
sure get him into the spirit for getting back into easily fitting into his

It was quite the tiresome trip, as he was just a few meters away from home, as
he took in both ways a path that would take him 20 extra minutes and went to
almost 300 meters longer. Not that the journey was without its moments, as he
thought taking free samples every other time he encountered them wouldn't hurt.
But now he was tired, ready to get home and maybe have a little snack.

His plan was right, take a similar path every day, or other day? - every day
surely felt too tiring - from work and some cutting on the snacks for the day -
it didn't count the ones at night encounters thought; It was the right plan to
keep his size on check, and he would totally not skip it every other time he had
planned and cheat here or there.

The front door opened, behind it was Jake, really tired after not just the day
of work, but from the walk home, not the 'exercise' one, the normal one, as
after a month and some days from the inception of that new route, he slowly
started to care about it less and less until he decided to quit, but even then
what he remembered to be an easy walk suddenly felt almost as tiresome as the
longer path, even more now. The dingo went inside, his sides now almost touching
the sides of the door - the one that seemed unnecessarily wide for the firs day
he saw it - and now only thinking of getting a snack and relaxing for the whole
day, and if he was up to making something special for the night with Damian, as
it was the first week they'd see each other in person for more than a few
seconds since Jake has been promoted to manager for a few weeks - as the last one
called in sick and that he would stay at home - with the good thing being that
the movement that always felt like growing went down a bit. But it was not just
that, even without seeing one another in person, they still chatted often, with
the bird generally telling how Jake was being a bit paranoiac about his shape,
but a few days ago they started having some more personal and friendlier chats
maybe that they liked being around each other.

The night started coming and the canine was finishing setting up the Wii he
bought, when sounds of heavy steps sounded coming closer to the door, ones that
weren't expected but felt right in place somehow, in any way they attracted
Jakes attention, and when he finished putting the last cable in he went right to
open the door, to be met with the view of Damian, and one great view it was, the
bird that has always seen to be on the rounder side now was almost over double
of Jake's width, and that wasn't little since the dingo was himself quite a
hefty one at this point.

"Eh- hello!" said Damian.

"Evening, I was just finishing setting the Wii up, come in"

The big avian went forward, squeezing his sides against the door frame, Jake
stepping to the side to let his friend pass. The bird then went right into
letting himself on the couch that sure could be heard creaking.

"So, what's up?" asked the bird.

"Well, besides setting up the Wii nothing much, finished Thousand Year Door I

It went like the nights they always had, at least for most of it, they were
taking turns in Windwaker, with the one looking sure using his time for besides
chatting getting some of the pastries Jake make - that sure were a hard task to
just not eat a minute after they were done - and at least when the avian was
playing, Jake didn't really resist leaning into his soft friend and give him
some rubs, not that Damian didn't like as he could actually be seen more relaxed
with it. When the pastries were starting to end it felt like a no-brainer to
have the dough hoses right besides them, sometimes for dipping the snacks into
it, sometimes just to have a large portion of dough stuffed into their mouths.

They made good progress in the game and now were just rambling about it and many
things else.

"Admit, you just have bad skills with the grappling hook" said Jake.

"Well, I could have hit that on the first shot, but you were a bit distracting"

"I was trying to help, and- well, it's not my fault you're- eh, nice to hug"

There was a little silence for a bit. Then Damian said, with red cheeks.

"Do, you- really think that"

"Yes, well- I"

"Don't say a word"

The bird leaned into Jake, embracing him into a soft hug. Both redder than

"You too" The bird spoke.

"I mean, I- like being around someone like you- specially you though"

"You too, you have been one very kind friend for these months"

"Thanks, but I was thinking, would you like to-"

"..." the avian went more curious about the question.

"would you want us to be, maybe, bo-"


"eh yes" the dingo blushed hard, only the softness of his friend comforting him
from this awkwardness.


"oh- sure?"

"why wouldn't I want to be with one kind dingo that has brought me a lot of
great times"

Damian hugged tighter, Jake doing the same.

"Well, I also find you cute, heh" said the canine.

"aw thanks, you are too, big boy"

"Eh- Not as big as you" Jake blushed again.


The night went by, they talked more nice things to one another, and it wasn't
without some smooches and more hugs, the two overweight pals then got into their
nerdy discussions, until it felt like really late, and sure Damian still got
things to do, and Jake had to clean up, they said 'good night' to each other,
with more smooches, and the bird went home, now having to slightly push his
sides against the door opening. Jake started to get the things in places, that
was harder as he had to remember to not push things with his, not all new but
was still a learning experience, gut, and was during this process that he
started to think on how to explain how in one night he managed to gain almost 10
kilos - Or maybe he wouldn't need to.

Jake walked, or better waddled, across the room to lean on his couch, that
creaked with the dingo's hefty 130 Kilos, dough hose in hands ready to just
watch some shows as he has been doing for the week, he still had in his mind to
keep food low-er for this week as he wanted to visit Damian this Saturday, he
would like the bird to come but it sure is hard walking just a few meters when
you're one large 160 kilos mass of feathers, so the way was for Jake to keep
himself mobile for the time. Since they started dating - or even if they didn't,
but it sure helped - it was a hard time keeping the weight down when both were
encouraging each other to get bigger, Jake enabling the already generally hungry
bird while Damian always told Jake how good it was to be so massive and soft,
and now they both were a lovely heavy couple that ate and talked nerd things,
their lives were sweet.

One could say that it wasn't just these two that got quite overweight over the
months, as by looking at most if not all residents of Tasty Hills it was evident
a large trend of being overweight, from a few 20 to 100 kilos than their self
before they moved, and no first impression for anyone about how people here were
than by just standing at the gate and seeing one massive wolf that could barely
fit into his room. It simply became a common practice for everyone to not bother
much with things when you had a free supply of lard filled irresistible dough
being dispensed right into your greedy maw, other things could wait until you
managed to go back into being mobile, if you wanted to anyway.

The plan went as expected and the businessmen in suits were pleased with it, it
was worth the almost loss in revenue, why bother with plain old advertisement
when subliminal messages and one already loyal customer base is all they'd need,
and it was with results as there could be noticed a spike in weight on the
population of the newly formed little conglomerate of condos and housings around
the area, ones that they didn't have control over like with their experimental
Tasty Hills, but it just served to confirm how they could finally expand, not
just their brand, and who would complain of being just a few tons overweight.

Tasty Hills


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A dingo moves to his new neighbourhood, to find himself in a growing relationship with his environment.

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