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9 October 2019 at 19:01:38 MDT

I (Belatedly) decided to start Inktober last week, and I'm finally all caught up. I figure I'll upload these in batches so as not to spam my followers.

I figured a good theme to go for this year was to follow the official prompts with scenes from the world most of my characters live in, though they're mostly set before any of those characters are born.

  1. Foxes try to keep an old bell tower standing. Well, one of them does. The ringing of the bells keep track of the time, but most of them don't seem to care.

  2. Though the odd creatures that once ruled this city are gone, there are still numerous statues mindlessly watching over it. Maybe if I stand like this statue, people will respect me more?

  3. Most foxes would enjoy fish for dinner, and they don't have any trouble sniffing out live bait to use.

  4. Foxes are pretty nimble, but ice is also pretty slippery. Gotta watch out on those freezing days.

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