Pohaku Kai 'Ekolu by Vulpeschild

Pohaku Kai 'Ekolu


24 March 2015 at 19:46:12 MDT

munks is featured in this pic :D

The title is in Hawaiian!

Its been a while since i drew a pic of 3 characters together, and its been a while since i've drawn Munks. I hope he likes it, though i've changed his outfit a tiny bit, just experimenting.

Vulpes' ever so faithful companion Glare is back, and i've gotten used to putting him in that outfit. The jacket is still a musical reference to Airiel, as he loves that band so much, and Vulpes is still sporting the Lush - Gala gear. I've also put the Jotaro Kujo symbol on his belt :)

I'd kill to own one of those irl... >_>