Fall in Perspective by VoltWolf

Fall in Perspective


6 November 2017 at 08:39:20 MST

It's been a while, but over the course of about four or five days I've been working on this. It's based on a little bit of fun banter that my sister and I once had, so I'm pretty happy with how I managed to translate it into a drawing.

I'm really happy with that second panel - just look at that tree! And that flowing hair in the first panel! Basically, this is Ain't Got no Knees all over again, filled with varying and explorative styles and techniques.


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    I love the expressions, and that tree really does look good! It's so hard to get them to look natural. I also like the loose leaves you added. It really helps with the feeling of movement, and I can totally "hear" that wind.

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      Awesome! I really enjoyed experimenting with this, so it's nice to know it payed off.