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Mountain Village ~Minecraft Build by Volt Siano

Mountain Village ~Minecraft Build

Volt Siano

Here's something I've been working on as of late; I'm really proud with how the build came out, and I'm also happy with the video. I've tried recording Minecraft before, but the computer I use isn't made for that kind of thing. That's probably for the best, however, as it forced me to use the Replay Mod, which is what allowed me to get a cinematic third-person point of view.
Now that I have this way of recording stuff, I'll probably be posting a lot more Minecraft content, to YouTube at least; only the stuff I'm really excited about will get here. Anyways, if you're into this sort of thing, let me know, and I'll see what I can do about getting out new content. Enjoy!

The music used is Enchanted Valley by Kevin MacLeod.
The recording device used was the Replay Mod for Minecraft.

I suppose this is an example of both a Minecraft Build commission and a Minecraft Skin commission. So, as is my custom, here are the prices for the type of content featured here:

  • A build like this one, which almost fits in a 50x50 block square, would cost about $36.00 (you know, if you're looking for a movie set or something; I dunno').
  • A Minecraft skin, like the one shown here (a work of my own), would only cost $8.00.


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    That is amazingly built! So much better than anything I've ever built, that's for damn sure. You sound like you're in your early 20s. lol

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      Haha! XD Yeah, I get that a lot, even though I'm only about seventeen.
      And thanks; I'm glad you like it. ^^

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    Woah! You made this? It's EPIC!

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      Yes I made it, and thank you! It was a fun project to work on, so it's nice to know that others appreciate it. ^^

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    Hallo friend! I must to warn you! The rules have changed sao that nao video game screenshots are allowed at all! Heed my warning! Please do not get banned! XO

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      Yeah, you told me. I think I'll be fine with this one, seeing as it's a video and not a screenshot.