You Might be a Furry if... by Volt Siano

You Might be a Furry if...

Volt Siano

26 June 2016 at 22:36:16 MDT

You might be an involved user if...
You're actually reading this description.

Nothing more than a short little list I made for this week's submission. I've been out of town all week before Saturday evening, so I put something together real quick.

Think I missed statement? I hope so, there must be more than what I said here! Comment down bellow with your own "You might be a furry if..." statement. Be creative, and have fun!

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    Been a furry all my life, but what does CSi have to do with being a furry?

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      They sorely misrepresented us in one of their episodes. I've never really watched the show myself, but I've seen a bit about that episode on various YouTube videos such as this one:

      12 Months in the Fandom -

      I guess not everybody will understand all of these, but that's okay. Some of these won't even apply to everybody. As far as that one goes, however, I just thought it'd be a funny one to throw in. L=

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    I have all but 2, 6, 7 and 8.

    1. I TRY to bring joy to people, but I just end up coming off as insufferably narcissistic instead. XD

    2. Obviously not. XD

    3. I don't play Minecraft. Never my thing. XD

    4. I never watched much of the show, anyway, but i'm assuming they dissed furries in at least one episode? XD

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      In answer to that last part: yeah, pretty much. It's explained in my reply to Dustomega if you're interested.

      Oh, and thanks for commenting by the way! That was really nice. ^^

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        Could you link me? :3

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            ...Yet again, My Home and Native Land seems to be the odd one out, since instead of 4Chan-dwelling trolls we have Tumblr-bothering SJWs, to the point where now at ANY kind of convention or public gathering here explicitly requires permission from EVERY attendee to take pictures, videos of, or even STRIKE A CONVERSATION with, and failure to do so will result in banning without refund, permanent black-listing from ALL OTHER public events, and even CRIMINAL CHARGES. Of course, the ONLY people who get HIT by this are adult males, like ME. XD

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    Minus wolf in my name... Wow... ( I knew it) =]

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    That is so true, thanks for sharing that!!