13vi22 by VoidChimera



26 July 2013 at 03:16:29 MDT

I took a little break from my schoolwork, and I drew these fuckers that I wanted to draw for a while.

They're some NPCs from a pathfinder campaign that I was running with my highschool friends, but sadly, we get time to play twice... every year, so I guess that we will stop playing before that they get to meet these guys.

I really liked the role that they played in the game, and funnily enough, they developed a whole story, backgrounds, relationships and friends in my head for the time being, and now they even don't really belong to the campaign... They got their own story going on.

Ly (the wolf guy) is one of those persons that exude an aura of joyfulness and good intentions, being able to make friends with only a smile. While Zemar (the cat guy) is a rather reserved and intelligent person, but rather clumsy in social situations as he has never really got out from the castle walls.

Somehow, these guys got together, and since then, they have developed quite an interesting friendship, full of adventures, dangers, fights against windmills and fireballs to the fucking face.

Let's see if you can guess the classes of these guys~

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