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Zezufly by ViperSwan



A super species of insect on Nepturnum, Aldonquia's sister planet. Here's more info:

Update on Zezu people: The Zezu are people of lanky bodies, super thin, and incredibly weak due to the fact they have no bones. This is why they mainly have the Zezu flies make nests within their skulls, The nests can span upwards to 4 feet high upon and within the skull. The way the Zezu's brain is constructed leaves gaping holes within the tall head for the Zezu flies to come and go. They have no need for a queen due to the fact the way the brain of the Zezu (People) is structured allowes for releases of certain gasses alerting the zezu flies of need to attack, defend or lulls them to a sleepy state. Due to the fact the People's bodies are so thin and bone structure is entirely made of cartelige, their inner organs are incredibly fragile and vulnerable to attack. Without a head hive, they'd be done for.

The females of the Zezu people are called "Zezubella" While the males are called "Zezunoe". The Zezu flies mainly feed off of metals which hardens their own bodies to a point of near invincibility. They 'reproduce' by being chopped in half allowing temporary rapid cell growth to take hold and rapidly heal. They are almost impossible to kill without the fragrence/gasses from the Zezu tribe's brain to calm them down and put them in an eternal sleep. (This is why you don't want to get on a Zezu's bad side XD) They are of hive mind. I'm bridging off the idea of a bee hive sort of thing where the 'queen' is the tribe as well as the hive themselves allowing them to give the flies orders.

OOh yeah, they also have toxic stingers that if you are stung, you have 12 hours to beg a zezu for a remedy. The brain is what is moulded and stretched to house the flies as they see fit, it is filled with gasses when the Zezu need to communicate orders to them. A creature's experience entire structural support based around a smaller insect's nest. The fact they have different sexes was actually left over from the pre-evolution (Partnership) stage where the Zezu tribe was becoming weaker and needed a sort of suitable way to survive. Then they found the flies and killed the queen rubbing themselves with the queen's jelly and allowing the creatures to make nests upon their heads which eventually evolved within the heads. The zezu flies are about the size of a hornet.

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