MLP: Nightshade 'Custom' Sculpture by VioletWhirlwind

MLP: Nightshade 'Custom' Sculpture


3 August 2015 at 15:26:49 MDT

A note before I continue: All my ponies were created for a Generation 1-based fandom. Nothing against FiM, I just prefer the ponies from the 80's, as that was my childhood.

'Custom' is in quotes because it wasn't actually made from an existing MLP. At the time I took images of this, I didn't have a digital camera, so I used my scanner. That's why image quality is derp.

My main MLP character's BF, Nightshade (Note: he's not originally mine...but this version of him is. =P), in porcelain. He ended up looking slightly better than she did (better proportion in the neck), but...anyway...Glaze ate the nostrils again and got rid of the G-3-ish-ness of the ears. At least I did better on his eyes than I did on Amethyst's DS eye. Don't know why, but I'm always making him look sad or worried. :shrug: He's just cutest that way, I guess. =P Hmmm...maybe I should have put the blush on the cheeks....not sure I could have gotten the glaze to do the right blending effect though, so...meh.

Yeah, I know he didn't have hoof-distiguishing lines in the show, but...neither did he have irises, so...=P I also replaced his jacket (I may eventually give him back his jacket...though not on this, obviously) with a crystal pendant Amethyst made for him. He never takes it off...(Or, almost never)...There is story significance in this that I'm not revealing right now... ~teaser~ :P

I love his tail! :D And his cute, sad little face. And his poofy mane. And...well everything about him. ~fangirl~