MLP: Dark Times: Am + NS by VioletWhirlwind

MLP: Dark Times: Am + NS


3 August 2015 at 14:44:26 MDT

WARNING: OLD lineart

A note before I continue: All my ponies were created for a Generation 1-based fandom. Nothing against FiM, I just prefer the ponies from the 80's, as that was my childhood.

I am such a fangirl. XD; facepalm

Amethyst meets Nightshade for the first time...slight spoiler for my fanfic...this part isn't written yet.

Played with lighting effects in Photoshop again...but the rest is colored pencil.

Edit: I forgot the rainbow part of her forelock...but I'll just say it's on the other side hidden by her face. XD

Disclaimer about Amethyst: She was created in 2001, before Twilight Sparkle even EXISTED, let alone had a winged form, so no comments about "Herp Derp, you copied Twilight Sparkle!" If anything they copied ME, granted unintentionally, and I can't do a single thing about it, since Amethyst, though older, is STILL a fancharacter, and Twi, though more recent, is official. (Nothing against Twi, I actually like her as a character, I'm just a bit bitter about the winged form.) Also, Amethyst is NOT a princess. If anything, she's more like a paladin (aka holy warrior). This is set in a G1 universe anyway, so none of that should matter. I'm just covering my bases.

MLP and all official characters (c) Hasbro and whoever made the cartoons
Amethyst (c) Violet Whirlwind