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Dreaming in Bed by Violetheart4081

Dreaming in Bed


17 June 2020 at 19:05:29 MDT

Ah yes, my first post on Weasyl... It'd be a shame if I didn't start it off with something I like doing.
Dreaming in Bed is an original short story of mine I wrote for my Creative Writing class last year. It was one of my first pieces, so I don't need to expect it to be perfect at all. Then again, it was part of my ever so humble beginning as a writer, so I'll count it nonetheless :)

As with other writing works I'll be posting here, Dreaming in Bed was originally posted on DeviantArt. However, I will be posting my other works (both writing and art) as I slowly but steadily get used to using Weasyl. :)