[Animation] Tails: Basic Combo by VinVulpis

[Animation] Tails: Basic Combo


25 January 2019 at 13:06:01 MST

This is the main attack string for Tails. It functions similarly to a Smash Bros "multi-jab." Holding the button during the tail spin portion sustains that attack until the button is released, where he then uses the kick to end the attack. Like Gejhi (and other characters I make) any of the attacks can be reversed in the other direction by holding back before the next attack, like a beat'em-up. Holding forward before starting the attack will go right to the tail spin attack.

The tail spin portion is very low priority, so almost any attack will be able to bust through and hit Tails. The attack is slightly disjointed, but I do extend his hurtbox outward about halfway into the attack radius, for balance reasons.

I'll probably make it that other attacks can be canceled to during the tail spin attack on hit-confirm. And maybe some sort of faint for the attack to not use the finishing kick.I'm experimenting with the feel of the attack with the controls and variances of the attack, so some things I mentioned here are probably subject to change.

I'm aiming to make him a well rounded character both in offensive and defensive tactics, but with a lifebar on the smaller side, maybe about 850 to 900 HP (Average is 1000). I'm still figuring out what ideas I'm looking to fill his moveset with, but I'm gettin close to settling on all the details.

From there, then I have a ton of funny things to do with him for intros, wins/loses and other things. I'm playing with tons of references to all sorts of goofy stuff thanks to the internet.

I wasn't working on this stuff during much of the fall because I was so scattered, busy and tired. Now that stuff is quiet, I'm happy to be back in action with this along with many other things.

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