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Pyramid by Villiedoom



«We open our minds and hearts to the light of the universe»

Personal artwork of my fantasy species, the Vaerafes. These are so-called Taeme Vaerafes - they are one of the most mysterious and intriguing for me. I feel them as very delicate, sadly-cold, and somewhat more alien-like than other Vaerafes. They are very slender and surrealistically graceful, often have a very short, soft and fine fur, which has very light colors from light blue and light yellowish to shining white.

They are known for being the most social and, in some way, the most intelligent Vaerafes, living in large-scale mental/telepathic contact. Such a mental/telepathic way of communication is natural for Vaerafes and many other creatures of their world, but Taeme went further, and thanks to their technology, they created a kind of mental network that allows them to have not only individual, but also global connection with each other. It's like a mental Internet, and they share everything they know, think and feel with each other on some extraordinary level. Because of this, their way of thinking and feeling is very difficult for me to understand, and I use a lot of symbolism when I draw them.

This artwork is about mental, "spiritual", openness and unity - both with each other and the universe, the cosmos, which I depicted in the form of divine light at the top of the pyramid. Cosmos symbolizes the most ancient, most powerful and purest form of life (essence of life), that gave birth to many different worlds and lives.

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