Rita from Jungledyret by Viethra

Rita from Jungledyret


31 October 2013 at 21:18:02 MDT

Rita the fox from Flemming Quist Møller's Jungledyret.

All the sketches are of scenes from Jungledyret 2.


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    Aww man I haven't seen that critter in AGES; I thought everybody had forgotten about her.

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      Yeah this series... I like, personally missed her when Hugo went back to South Africa in the first movie. I shouldn't have been so worried, since I already knew there was another one. It was weird, because the first song in that one was like an exact depiction of how I felt. Then he goes back to Denmark, and I'm like, "Wait, why am I surprised about this, of course he does?!" Hugo's okay, I'm not his biggest fan, but he makes her happy and that's good enough for me. Dunno why I thought of all that, but I guess I got all nostalgic just now.