Pokemon Remix: War of Legends (Legendary Battle Medley) by VibrantEchoes

Pokemon Remix: War of Legends (Legendary Battle Medley)

Pokemon Remix: War of Legends (Legendary Battle Medley)


15 February 2014 at 23:33:17 MST

No Cries Version: https://soundcloud.com/vibrantechoes/pokemon-remix-war-of-legends-1

A medley of most of the legendary battle themes. I mostly just tried to stick to the main, main legendary themes, the only exception to that rule being Giratina's theme because it's one of my faves. I excluded the Kanto legendary battle theme because it's really just a faster, higher-pitched version of the regular Kanto wild Pokemon battle theme. Kinda lame imo. Didn't even sound good to me. I also left out Reshiram and Zekrom's theme because I don't count it as the main Gen V legendary battle theme. I count the one that's used for pretty much every other legendary in B/W/B2/W2 as the main one.

So, with that explanation out of the way, my thoughts on how it turned out. I like it overall, though I'm not satisfied with a few parts here and there. But, I did my best, and that's all anyone can really expect of me. I'm not sure what genre this even falls under, so I'm just gonna say it's “electronic” and leave it at that.

Original themes, cries © Nintendo
Remix © VibrantEchoes

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