Remix: "Ascension" [Tower Medley] by VibrantEchoes

Remix: "Ascension" [Tower Medley]

Remix: "Ascension" [Tower Medley]


22 June 2013 at 02:24:50 MDT

Undeniably my biggest music project yet, and unless I get another crazy ambitious idea like this again (ice-related themes for a Christmas special hmmmmm), possibly my biggest music project ever.

I tried to incorporate as many different Tower-related themes into one medley as I could without going absolutely nuts (sorry Dragonspiral/Celestial, Battle, etc. you just didn't quite make the cut).

Anyone who can name all these themes without looking in the comments or tags earns 1,000,000 bonus points.

Original themes are © their respective owners

Remix © VibrantEchoes


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    I recognized the Sprout Tower theme and the Pokemon Tower theme and that was it.