Remix: "Depths of a Nightmare" [Cave of Bad Dreams, Brinstar Depths] by VibrantEchoes

Remix: "Depths of a Nightmare" [Cave of Bad Dreams, Brinstar Depths]


24 May 2013 at 00:46:24 MDT

I feel kind of bad about making this, because I've never played either of the games these themes are from. Heck, I don't even know what Metroid game Brinstar Depths is from (is it Super Metroid???), but I do love these themes, and I thought they would go well together even though they have nothing to do with one another whatsoever.

I really like how this came out; I think it's definitely one of my better works. First time I've tried adding drums to an orchestral remix (I usually go for either a more classical or ambient style with my orchestral mixes, or both). Forgive me if the drums on this aren't too good, it's a sort of first attempt. I think this one “flows” a lot better than my last remix. I can only think of one part where the lack of transition from one part to another bothers me a little bit, and it's probably just me. Maybe a skilled musician/remixer/etc. will notice it...

3,500 bonus points to anyone who can name the third “mystery theme” I added. 1,000 to anyone who can tell me what that sound effect in the outro is.

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