Shimmering blade in the forest by Vesper Draco

Shimmering blade in the forest

Vesper Draco

21 May 2019 at 16:16:29 MDT

The life of a mercenary brings you to wander through dangerous paths. Despite its innocent outlook, the Forest of the Northern Lights has claimed many adventurers, brought away where only the fey know. The luscious vegetation diffuses an unnatural teal tint, that for the trained eyes is as ominous as the fangs of a sleeping beast, not to speak of the floating stars which are said to capture the thoughts of who stares at them for long.


In a starless night, our swordsman was forced to trudge through this cursed place, misguided in his navigation by the lack of lights in the sky. When he realized where he ended up, he hastened his pace, knowing that the way out wouldn't be easy to discover. As he reached a clearing, a sudden rattle made him draw his sword and ready his stance, turning to face the unknown threat. Brawn alone wouldn't cut it, Vesper thought, but he would need to play every card up his sleeve to be able to live and tell the story...


A super well-detailed drawing of Vesper made by the always patient and kind Fragore (you can find him here He was able to bring life and detail to the body and clothes of Vesper to an unprecedented amount, and, despite the background being a generic fantasy forest, I liked the overall picture well enough to carve up some story for it. Maybe in the future I will add more of this narrative intros to the submissions I post, who knows.


Anyway, thanks for the attention, and please have a wonderful day ^v^

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