[G] Tundra Truscan- RezRex by VernonCross

[G] Tundra Truscan- RezRex


16 January 2014 at 19:42:59 MST

early ass birthday present for Rez_Rex
this is their new Truscan 8D
I really wanted to design this character apparently cause i just decided today that i would make him and he's already 'done' aside from some tweaks i may need to make.
but that'll all come with the ref sheet i wanna do of him.
this is a nice starter piece for him :3

he doesn't have a name yet, but when Rez wanted me to make skeleton markings i was like, "dude, black skeleton markings on a white body. FUUUCK YEAAHH 8D."

so here it is :3

I'll be making/creating a 'types' page for Truscan's as soon as i can find the patience, but this guy is from the snowy part of their homeworld and thus his fur is much thicker/longer than most normal Truscan's.
his feet are also a bit bigger on the padded part to keep him above the snow, his claws under the fur may also get a bit of webbing to help distribute the weight.

lots of blue. i frikkin love blue xD
i like this guy<3

art/species© vernoncross
Regen belongs to Rez_Rex

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    Omg yes o.o that looks so good. Them boney markings <3

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      Boney markings are quickly becoming a favorite of mine, hehehehe<3
      you have no idea how excited i got over doing black bone markings on white fur XD

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        So need to get a commision from you DX you would make eve look so good i bet o.o

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          :D well would this be her? https://trello.com/c/RsHSUROM
          if so i got the payment through a little later than expected but now i just have to get her sketched up and finished up.
          should be able to work with her soon, regardless ;3

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            Yess o.o and oke didnt know that x3 ill be waiting for the first sketch o.o

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              haha, i figured i'd remind you that you do have a commission of her on the way since you were interested ;3

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                hehehe XP must be your different name on here XD

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                  yeah, i figured i'd stick with my mascot's name but i'm not 100% sure why? I don't plan on taking a ton of commissions over here .-. he's sorta my commission monkey.
                  hurp, i am brilliant! XD I suppose the icon doesn't help either though, i don't use my main on my commission account on FA so xD