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[P] Dark- Windows 10 by VernonCross

[P] Dark- Windows 10


11 August 2015 at 09:55:35 MDT

So, since we finally got our apartment down to 1 cat again (we babysat 3 kitties for a few weeks) and we finally went shopping for Food today, i decided i may as well take the day off today, and while i was relaxing and watching food stuff on netflix with Rae, i decided i'd go ahead and re-install my tablet drivers to my laptop so i could set up out here and get work done in Rae's company again (for the first time in weeks because of the cat situation)

got my tablet re-installed and everythings working like a charm 8D this here is the proof.

back story?
my laptop kept blue-screening on me and shutting down every 30 mins to an hour, and our tech friend told me the best way to fix it would be to wipe the system out and start from scratch... sooo!
i did.
completely wiped the laptop of everything i had on it and started anew, then upgraded to 10 to check it out before i decide to use it for my desktop or not~

but yes, here's the result.
I will be finishing the busts i owe fae tomorrow 8D along with some other stuffs.

enjoy the chibi sona that i almost never draw anymore. whoooo!

art/character are mine. no takey. no usey. no no no.

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