My Place by Vera

My Place


2 March 2014 at 13:09:24 MST

This was done in 2011 as a thank you for 10k watchers on FA. closeups posted in the description there. I made this into my new Weasyl banner, go peek!!!

This features many of my favorite things. Firstly, my real-life pets. My iguana, Jax, my red tail boa, Eidolon, my leopard gecko, Skankum, my orange baboon tarantula, Idiazabal, my giant African millipede, Mr. Nibbly, and a little roach there to represent all my pet insects. (too many to put them all XD)

Secondly, eyeballs :P I've always loved spherical things and eyeballs are just captivating and beautiful, especially outside the socket where you can appreciate how beautifully round they are ;u;

Thirdly, the atmosphere. I am constantly dreaming of jungles and tropical places filled with giant carnivorous plants, mushrooms, bugs and other GIANT things. I've adapted this world as my own little dream paradise because of how often I dream of being there.

Fourthly, dinosaurs. I didn't have much room to put a big obvious one, but you can hunt the T-Rex that's showing his snarliness in there somewhere :) There's also a version of my muse, KittyMonster as a roach, sneaking a taste of tea... a clown beetle, giant sundew plant, socks, corsets, mushrooms etc <3


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    Everything good put together

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    I've always loved this piece, it's absolutely stunning. <3

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    HI HO FUZZY! AWAY!!!!!

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    This is amazing. It really is and us as the observer can really tell just how much all these things mean to you.

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    Ok so spiders scare the shit out of me, they have always been the one creature on the planet that freak me out like no other… but you have somehow made me think one is cute here. That has never happened. You are a miracle worker