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New Skin by Vera

New Skin


From May 2011. This was my third DD on deviantART ;u; Blattahali (cockroach) Vera in her freshly molted stage. In case you didn't know, cockroaches are, as many insects, white after they shed their skin. (They're frequently mistaken for being albino, but is not the case as it doesn't exist in roaches or any invertebrates to my knowledge.) It's only temporary, lasting maybe a couple hours. As their exoskeleton hardens, it slowly darkens to its original (or a new) color. Over the years, I've photographed this stage with the following: e. posticus, b. discoidalis, p. australasiae, p. americana, g. portentosa & b. orientalis). I've got many posted to my photography account on FA:


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    I've always loved this form of Vera's.