I Hope That You Don't Mind... by VenomousSoliloquy

I Hope That You Don't Mind...


15 February 2013 at 12:50:17 MST

... I'm lookin' like a Valentine.

We can be so discreet.

When the act is black, you'll remember me.

We can be so discreet.

Living fiction.

With me.

Everybody's Friends by Blaqk Audio

Ever work on a picture a long time, and then, once you've finished the colors, notice all the things that are rather off? That's how this was for me. But oh well. lol It was fun. My valentine's picture, of my character Kylan. He can be incredibly... suggestive. Haha Marked moderate, since he's quite nearly showing off everything... if his pants and such went any lower.......

Kylan © VenomousSoliloquy

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    I got this today! And absolutely love it~! I'll have to laminate it so it doesn't get ruined. <3

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      Yay!!! I thought about laminating them. But I was falling asleep at the time. So I was like "DERP. NEVER MIND. 8U" ♥

      So happy you love it. I got your valentine a couple of days ago!

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        Yay! I'm sorry it wasn't more!

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          Hush. You send me cards every holiday and it makes me grin like an idiot each time I get one. ♥ Thank you so much