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Yin & Yang by Venghze

Yin & Yang


"Embrace thy Darkness, for true power lies within balance."
~~Valcyrie, 2008

As we walk through life,
struggling to make do,
we saw the other in strife,
you met me and I met you.

Through winter, summer, sun and rain,
we stuck together through fear and pain.
Your arms around me when PTSD hit hard,
my embrace when you felt like a shard.

You have been so kind to me,
a support few others would be.
I wish I could for you be the same,
care, love and shield you from blame.

In this piece dark meets light,
endless stars of night meets dawn bright.
But no collision is made, they merge as one,
there is peace and serenity between moon and sun.
Credit is given where credit is due;
Serratia, I love you...

Yin & Yang has always had a deep spiritual meaning to me, and when the idea was given to me almost as a joke about a black Val and a pearl white Serratia, a seed was planted in my head. While we due to our differences perhaps have been a unlikely pair of friends, the same differences have also balanced us out and we have found great comfort and care in eachother. And as it is Serratias hatchday today, I wanted this to be a gift for her. For all the times she has listened to my endless rants, joked and tried her very best to cheer me up in my dark passages of life.

Thank you, Serratia and I hope you have a splendid birthday~ ( )

This idea was sprouted, followed up and made real by my very good friend and artist Rendrassa. Thank you so much! ( )

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