Equus Silvermane by Velantian

Equus Silvermane


12 July 2015 at 19:43:38 MDT

EquusSilvermane, Anthrocon 2015.

Collodion on Aluminum.
He's been so patient with me. I'm improving but still need to get cleaner plates when I'm on the road.

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    WOW this is really cool! He makes for a heck of a dapper full body shot! Love it.

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      Thanks, I still need to get a really good plate for you too.

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        Getting a plate from you is a major con highlight!! Hmm it'd be great if you could find locals for that photoshoot project you mentioned!

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          Equus and I are talking about getting together for a shoot sometime in the fall when the weather is cooler. There are a couple of others near by also. The problem is scheduling, hey, I've been working on this for two years now, a couple more will not matter.

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            Haha true! Sounds perfect... looking forward to seeing the fruits of this :3

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    Really excellent! Great composition and tonality. I actually like the fraying edges even if that wasn't intended.

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      It's almost impossible to get a clean edge. You'll notice that most of the vintage plates were mounted with a mat that covered up to an eight or quarter inch around the plate.

      Thanks, it was one of the better plates of the weekend.