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:COMMISSION: Tealate Animated icon. by vayler

:COMMISSION: Tealate Animated icon.


7 November 2018 at 05:51:23 MST

"Hmm? it's dangerous to go alone here... but i have a gun. where should I go? there! turns invisible"
Commission for bluehasia of his another cat sized dragon Tealate. Searching in depth of sewers and catacombs for clues or somebody sinister? :)
He cant be lost, it's easier for dragon with cat alike senses to find way.

Complex design and unusual muzzle structure. As usual its hard but fun to make.
Also it's very small underground because tealate is small by himself.

74 Frames, Full version. Active movement requires alot of extra frames to make animation longer. It's fast animation but amount of smooth parts are same as everywhere.

Version without foreground shadow:

Distortion effect this time and shading. invisible tealate distorts background with his fast moving invisible body.

Tealate (c) bluehasia
Animation (c) me.

Only Bluehasia can use this.