:FANART: General Cynder - Pixelart Animation v1.0 by vayler

:FANART: General Cynder - Pixelart Animation v1.0


19 November 2017 at 07:14:47 MST

November full body animation.
You probably guested but I am a fan of adult Cynder from TLoS series.
She is also in armor, designed by RusCSI for Pure Light fan comics which I really like.

It took alot of time. This is 2-cycled animation(battle stance and tail slash) with unusually big for me resolution 300x430px.
Amount of frames - 71. unique frames are about 50(because of resolution it took alot of time to edit every frame). At least with changes more than 50%.
also I used alot faster frame timing than usual 0.1s. 0.08s makes it possible to smooth animation movement, though require more frames.
I didnt consider amount of colors though.
Added extra effects like trail and particles and glowing eyes.

It took almost whole 50 hours to make though, every frame made with transformations and heavy editing to delete moved incorrectly pixels.
Last two days was required for correcting weird white pixels which for some reason appear when I try to compile the animation.

Cynder (c) Activision(formerly to Sierra)

Armor design (c) PL creators and RusCSI

Animation (c) me