:TEST INK COMMISSION: Helen the Legendary Thief(May 2017) by vayler

:TEST INK COMMISSION: Helen the Legendary Thief(May 2017)


2 November 2017 at 08:00:55 MDT

Well. This is my second work on black and white icons in style of Persona 5.
As I previously said, I really loved this stylish game. So I made my experiment on that style making my Vayler in that style... And showed it to somebody close to me.
And this was RusCSI. Since she is HUGE fan of the Persona series and this style as well, she immediately asked me to make one for her being Phantom Thief.
Since I still was experimenting with this style I accepted. She even sent me some symbolic cash for that, she was that much excited. Thank you very much. So it's like commission test.

Oh also made with in-game hud and placed it in HERE .
This time I had references on icons of heroes. They went out not too different actually.

Helen (c) RusCSI
Phantom Thief theme and Persona Theme (c) Atlus.
srsly try this series for yourself... but be careful of it's addictive and long nature. It's very addictive and VERY long game.

To be honest it's not very hard for me to make those things. took about 3 hours.
Only RusCSI can use it

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