:ANIMATION ICON: RusCSI TG - Full 1.0 by vayler



2 November 2017 at 05:21:17 MDT

Connected version
I made avvy for Awesome RusCSI from dA. October 2016 and stuff. So...
It's more suited for FA accounts. But unfortunatelly requirement for using on FA so small I was forced to cut some of frames and quality to use it.
Full version has 66 frames, while usable only 40 frames. And amount of colors drastically decreased.

Here is Helen. who is kinda like ghoul from The Tokyo Ghoul. I kinda love this series. Brutal series.

It's connected avvies. Second part is mine. Yeah.My Icon

I made it in Photoshop CS6.
Frame by frame animation, some puppet transformation and lots of layers.
So basically this animation has two main stages - breathing and wind sections.
Used cell-shading.

Made by ME