Snake In Water! by VasVadum

Snake In Water!


27 February 2015 at 22:35:15 MST

Here he is again, sleeping in his new water dish after having eaten a few days ago. :P Head just barely above the water. Yes, he's alive. I poked at him. He grunted annoyingly. (Ok, not really, he just moved a bit :P)

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    Is he friendly or does he try to bite you regularly as some snakes do? I kinda want one, but mice are expensive and i really don't feel like cleaning up a bloody mess.

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      Took me a month to get his teeth out of my finger once! But that's my fault for poking him in the face when he was sleeping. xP

      The messes are about once a month pretty much, maybe twice. Once he starts shitting out his meal, it'll usually be 2 large messes in one day, one brown, one white. Just let them harden up over the day or till the next day then it's easy to clean out. The next several messes over the week, at max two weeks will be small. Take any discolored bedding with the mess. I usually just get a piece of printing paper, fold it about to be like a container, scoop up the bedding that was around the mess into it and move some fresh bedding into place. I replace ALL bedding and clean out the cage once every 6 months.

      I also feed him once a month, one mouse, that's like $4. I use live food cause it's easier and he doesn't really have a problem with it. Not like those little white mice fight back after all. They practically run right into his face to get eaten. :P If you start out with a baby snake like I did, you have to use frozen pinkies (and heat them up) and get him to eat that way, one every two weeks or so to help him grow. I think I even did two at a time sometimes. Hard to remember now. I got him when he was a month old.

      They may bite every so often while they are getting used to you, or if you poke them in the face or startle them. Rosy Boas tend to be the most docile snakes. After he's finished crapping up his old meal, I tend to let him out and he coils around my neck or he even crawls down my shirt and sleeps on my stomach. One time he bit my back for some reason. xD Right where my kidney was. I didn't feel it that much even though he latched on real hard for 5 min :P No pain, which was odd. xP

      He won't eat if he is stressed so, you should find out what is stressing him if he stops eating. Don't use Cedar bedding, I think that was one of the causes. I believe I use Aspen bedding now and he loves it. I wish I had more money to add stuff to his cage that he'd like, he likes climbing but I can't get anything for him for that.

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      You know whats funny? I just now realized you might have meant "bloody mess" as in the snake's food. Not "bloody mess" as in "bloody hell, he took a dump" kinda. Anyway, there's no blood. Snakes swallow their food whole, there is extremely rarely any blood at all.