My art's evolution over the last 10 years by Van

My art's evolution over the last 10 years


27 December 2012 at 11:24:08 MST

You will have to download to see this obviously. Sorry it's like a mile long but I wanted to show my improvement since the (almost) very beginning of my digital art. There were some older pieces I did but I uploaded them to an archive online and deleted them off my computer, and the archive got deleted by the host site.

Considering it's been 10 years my improvement is pretty unimpressive weh. I've seen some artists do this meme and their improvement over like 3 years surpasses mine in 10 years haha merp. I'm not insecure about my work though so no need to reassure me ^^ Those people are just godly and are probably a lot more prolific so they get a lot more practice in.

I had a latent period where I hardly drew (as you can see I only had sketches to choose from) and that's where I lost 80% of my fanbase. When you become inactive on DA that's what happens - I've seen it happen to other artists too :( Often because of WoW, actually. Fuq that game and its seductive ways >:

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