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comfy belly :) (end) by Valytine

comfy belly :) (end)


followup and final part to:

after enjoying his food, Riley rolls over onto his back, leaving him helplessly lying under it.
you make your move, and soon enough, Riley gives in, winning you the encounter! oh but look, some extra reward potential! hopefully he doesn't mind staying around a little longer :)

decided i wanted to upload the final part of this today ^^

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    Meanwhile doing like a payday mission instead of carrying bags you'd carry your team mate

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      he'd weigh as much as almirs toast for sure

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        Gonna need to roll him around like a boulder and strap him down to a separate vehicle just to move him

        I've heard of dragons hoarding themselves (fat joke) but I never really heard of kobolds hoarding gold in themselves.

        May I ask what happens if he were to jump into a vault of cash like Scrooge McDuck

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          assuming its all coins, it would probably all be gone in a matter of hours.
          and then you could use him as a big trampoline for a while since he'd be so big! his body is very stretchy ^^

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            Ah, must be some pretty thick skin! Makes him even better for a heist when things go down.
            (I can just imagine me holding him like a vacuum as I move him around over the coins)